Bal Küpü Aksaray Sugar Factory

                Bal Küpü Sugar Factory is the third factory of Keskinkılıç Food Ind. and Trade Co., established in Aksaray in 2006 after Kayseri and Gebze ones. Bal Küpü sugar factory is the first and single private sector sugar factory of Turkey.

                In Turkey, there are totally 33 sugar factories and approxiamtely 2,2 million tons of sugar are totally produced in a year. Bal Küpü sugar factory with its 450 working staff meets 5% of total sugar demand of our country. Bal Küpü Aksaray Sugar Factory is on 4. ranks across the country in production size.

                Some values of Bal Küpü Sugar Factory:

-Sugar beet processing capacity: 9.000 tons/day and 750.000 tons/year

-Sugar quota A 107.000 tons

-Number of staff is 474 as being 52 white collar and 422 blue collar during campaign period

-Number of staff is 284 as being 52 white collar and 234 blue collar out of campaign period

-The only sugar factory procuring its sugar beet from a perimeter of 25 km without an intermediate weighbridge

-The only factory that applies a premium system for the farmers based on the results of the analyses of sugar levels and diminution in the sugar beets the farmers supply

-The only factory that accepts sugar beets from farmers with an hourly appointment system

-The first ecologist sugar factory that has made investments on industrial treatment unit in its operation first year

-Apart from sugar producing sugar beets, the only factory that has permission and the capacity of processing 89.000 tons of raw sugar

-Open area on which factory is established is 2.200.000 m²

-As being 30.303m² of closed area, it will be increased to 40.000 m² with additional investment in the near future.


                To Achieve the difficult one


                Sugar factories are the heavy industries of food sector. They are highly complex facilities of construction and operation with thousand tons of steel construction, kilometers of process pipings, steam and electricity production for the internal demand and many specific production machines. For this reason, generally governments or corporations around the world usually take active role in establishment and operation of sugar factories.

                Bal Küpü Aksaray Sugar Factory, following its establishment in 2005, has understanding of improvement step by step and has targeted the maximum levels of efficiency and quality in sugar production.

                In presently reached point, Bal Küpü Sugar Factory has taken significant distance, appeared as an efficient facility by reaching the its targets set for itself and continues its pioneer work at each step of the production process from sugar beet cultivation to sugar production.

                Sugar factories usually work around the clock from October to February. The temperature in Central Anatolia can sometimes drop to -25 degrees Celsius.


Technological Reforms


                Automation : Bal Küpü Sugar factory is operated with a developed automation system. Every process of production from raw material intake to packaging of the final product is controlled by DCS system and monitored with CCTV system.

                Process: The origins of the machines in the factory are French, Spanish and German and the necessary optimizations have been made.


Reforms on Cultivations


                Analysis laboratory: Analyses are made on each sugar beet truck to determine the levels of soil and digestion that enable fair payments to farmers.

                Satellite technology: Bal Küpü Sugar Factory watches and analyses the sugar beets growing using satellite and GPS technology. Product vegetation which expresses the growing period of the sugar beet can be followed in detail by the agriculture technical staff. Data such as plant development constant, signs of disease etc is followed for each field, which allows Bal Küpü agriculture technical team to intervene in case of problems with development or inefficient quality. This enables the farmers to grow the ideal sugar beet with the highest efficiency.

                Hourly appointments: Bal Küpü Sugar factory is the first and only sugar factory in Turkey which has brought the system of giving hourly appointments for the ten thousands of sugar beet trucks during the purchasing stage. With the termination of the necessary software and hardware infrastructure and establishing the hourly appointment system, the line of trucks in front of the factory has been eliminated and the duration of enter-exit the factory has decreased to less than an hour per truck.


Reforms in Production


                As being on the road to improvement with its innovative mentality, Bal Küpü Sugar factory has differentiated itself from its competitors in the sector.

                Sugar Beet inlet: Waterless transfer system preventing the raw material from crushing

                Juice Extraction: RT type diffuser is the best system for possible long production seasons

                Juice Purification: Classical treatment system improved by Bal Küpü

                Evaporation: Combination of Robert and Vertical Film evaporators

                Sugar End: Refinery plant working in full automation

                Packaging: An original model  based on high levels of automation and control in quality


Respect for Nature and Environment


                Industrial Sewage treatment plant: Bal Küpü sugar factory has an industrial sewage treatment plant that is operated under the highest technologies.

                Closed circuit water utilization: Sugar beet contains 75% of water inside. This water inside the beet supplies 90% of water needed at Bal Küpü sugar factory for sugar production. The water inside the sugar beet comes out as a result of condensation after the evaporation and cooking stages. Bal Küpü sugar factory, thanks to this system, proves that it is an environment friendly plant, using the water inside its raw material in its production process.

                Contribution as of its nature: At Bal Küpü Sugar factory 700-800 thousands of tons of sugar beet is processed to produce sugar. This means, the procurement of this quantity of sugar beet requires agriculture of 125.000 decares of field. It is known that sugar beet fields produce at least 3 times more oxygen than the same size of forest. 

                Planting in rotation: Sugar beet is an ideal rotation plant. Planting wheat, corn and sun flower seeds with sugar beets prevents disease, weeds and harmful insects and ensures the high yields in sugar beet harvest. The necessary database control system based on GPS measurement technology is developed and consistently used by the Bal Küpü Sugar Agricultural technicians.

                Forestation Practices: At Bal Küpü sugar factory, a budget is allocated for landscaping and forestation every year. Oleaster and tamarisk type of trees have been planted in our factory in the last 2 years.