Meet With Bal Küpü

                The most important force behind Bal Küpü brand is Keskinkılıç Food Ind. and Trade Co. Our company has been first established in 1987 and it has continued to grow consistently. Keskinkılıç Food Ind.and Trade Co. Which produces and markets Bal Küpü branded sugar and tea, has established its first sugar processing and packaging factory in 1992 in Kayseri and second sugar processing and packaging factory in 1998 in Gebze. In 2001, Gebze factory has started to produce tea as well, with the additional investment. The third factory of Keskinkılıç Food Ind.and Trade Co. Which had a budget of 120 million dollars,has been finished in 2006 in Aksaray and started production. Aksaray Bal Küpü sugar factory which can process 750.000 tons of sugar beets, is the first privately owned sugar factory in Turkey.

                Today Keskinkılıç Food Ind.and Trade Co. occupies a very important place in top 500 private  companies in Turkey with its production of Bal Küpü branded sugar and tea products, in its 3 factories that are established in Kayseri, Gebze and Aksaray on 2.231.114 square feet (2.192.459 square feet open and 38.655 square feet closed) .

                Bal Küpü brand’s main principle is to never give-up from the quality. Bal Küpü’s vision is to become a multinational brand in its sector by putting customer satisfaction, innovation and quality in the first place.

                To provide the highest quality of sugar, Bal Küpü gives trainings and consultancy in sugar beet seeds, field preparation, planting, fertilization, weeding, irrigation and harvesting to its contracted farmers.

                Bal Küpü sugar, produced from these high quality sugar beets in Aksaray factory (which has “ISO 9001 Quality Management System” and “TS Ohsas 18001 Health and Security in Workplace Standard” Licences) is packaged automatically in factories in Kayseri and Gebze, in accordance with the food security and hygiene on the direction of standards of ISO 9001:2000, ISO:22000.

                Bal Küpü has brought quality to life to tea, with its products in blend tea, tea bags and tea pot bag that are produced homogeneously with an unrivalled technology in hygiene in the most modern tea production. Tea produced and carefully harvested in Karadeniz is blended in high technology systems, automatically dosed in digital systems and packed in specially designed 4 layer aluminum pearlized packages In Gebze. All these processes ensure the homogeneity and freshness of every Bal Küpü tea package.

                Bal Küpü continues to be a leader in its sector with its strong distribution network, ensuring a fast delivery to its customers with its logistic superiority that is a part of the total quality. Bal Küpü achieving its sales 38% through national retail channel and 62% through its dealers and distributors meets with its customers brings its products with its customers at 600 retail channel sales point via 20 dealers, 4 distributors and 50 direct sale vehicles. As a part of its target of being a multinational brand, it continues to grow not only through Turkey but also through its imports to countries such as Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, as well as TurkishRepublic of Northern CyprusU.S.A. and Australia.