Human Resources Vision

                As being on our target of continuously developing with the principal that Human Resource is the most important component to provide enrichment and effectiveness of a company; we, Keskinkılıç Food Ind. and Trade Co., want our staff to be bound to ethical values, master on self-business,
reconciled with itself and its surroundings, presentable and customer/service oriented people.

                While evaluating our staff, we do not only act with intention of taking into consideration their time, physical strength or expertise but also we aim to acquire their sense of belonging, honesty, devotion to work, thoughts, sincerity and and self-commitment.

                Our target is to make all Bal Küpü staff to have consciousness about the privilege of being part of this company and to appreciate their contributions, to achieve the objectives of our company and to ensure continuity of their participation.

                Our main principle in recruitment is to employ candidates open to development, dynamic individuals who own the competencies the corporate culture require, who can fully understand and nourish Bal Küpü values and carry our company to the future.

  • Staff selection, from workers in the lower levels up to top level administrator is carried out within the cooperation of human resources and the related departments.
  • During recruitment and placement into the appropriate position; Bal Küpü standards such as education, experience, personal qualifications, language ability and competencies required by related mission.
  • New staff necessity is tried to be fulfilled by available staff as much as possible.
  • Job postings are being published in human resources web-sites or in newspapers, and separately application can be made via application form section on our web-site. All the applications having related qualifications are replied via same channel as well.
  • The candidates found eligible by their application are called for an interview by Human Resources Department.
  • If interviews carried out by Human Resourses Department are resulted as positive, the final interview is conducted by the related managers dealing with concerned position.
  • All interviews are conducted in Bal Küpü corporate identity by following the specific systematic with appropriate techniques.


Training and Development in Bal Küpü


                Each single staff employees are supported by the necessary trainings that would help them with their personal and professional developments.

                Our related staffs are participating to professional and personal training seminars organized by various organizations. All our staffs are attending to orientation and basic training program composed as appropriate in accordance with their position. Also, yearly training and seminar plans are formed and applied for our staff to support them with their professional and personal developments.


Bal Küpü Performance Evaluation


                Evaluation our staff in their contribution to the company and personal development are targeted by the helping of performance evaluation system.

                Performance levels of all our staff are evaluated twice a year, so equal and systematic evaluation for each staff is ensured.

                Our competency based performance management system using 360 degree approach plays a crucial role in identifying their development and training needs of our staff, increasing their personal and professional abilities, making their career planning, synchronizing the targets of the organization with the staff targets and wage the staff fairly.


Vacanties at Bal Küpü


                You can view our vacancies at and make your applications. You can also fill in the application form at our website.

                Note: At the link provided, candidate can reach our company’s page prepared by for our company, and if there is no specific vacancy at this page, you can apply our company from the “General Application” field in this page via